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The History of the Photobooth Convention

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A Brief history
From the late 1970's through to the late 1980's I used photobooth machines to make my wacky pictures using masks and backdrops. I visited a booth at least once a month (often more than that) becoming known as a "boother". Some highlights during that time was winning a photobooth competition on "Riverside" a BBC2 TV programme in 1982 and articles in "The Face" and "Time Out" in the mid 1980's. This was also the first time that I introduced myself to Photo-Me International. From that exposure I came to learn of others who shared my love of photobooth machines most notably Liz Rideal and Dick Jewel and I knew I wasn't alone.

During 1989 I heard of another photobooth artist Sasa Markovic from Yugoslavia who not only did his pictures in a booth but used masks as well. I made plans and visited him in Belgrade twice (1990 & 1991) doing our first projects together and exhibiting work. We both continued to produce more work and by the time Sasa came to the UK in 1994 I arranged a week long photobooth workshop in Glasgow, part of the Strathclyde University "Winterschool" for us to expand our work and involve others. This set the seed for the idea of a convention.

By the time of his next visit to the UK in 1999 I invited 11 people to take part in a days "boothing" at the Nottingham Trent University. This became the first International Photobooth Convention. In the 2 following years it was held in a public location in Putney, London with great success attracting many photobooth artists and enthusiasts alike from places as far of as Germany, France and Yugoslavia and closer to home from Brighton, Birmingham, London and Nottingham. The year 2002 convention was split into 2 parts - 2 days in Bookham and 1 day in Brighton. All these where supported by photo-me

Bookham 2002

I had always hoped to take these events to other countries and thus find an even greater audience and to make and appreciate the wonderful pieces of artwork made with photobooth machines. This started in 2003 with the New York convention followed by Belgrade in 2004 & 2006 and St Louis in 2005. St Louis is where the good people of Brian and Tim helped me shoulder the work and established the convention as an altogether bigger experience.
Visits back to New York in 2007 and Belgrade 2008 kept the convention afloat which constituted little more than small gatherings around my own personal travels until and Anthony from organised our best convention yet in Chicago.

New York 2003 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Belgrade 2004 - - - - - - - - - - - -

Many other gatherings, workshops and demonstrations I've held over the years may have good reason to be considered as conventions but I decided to leave it at one a year in name.

It started in 1999 at a point when traditional photographic machines were dying out and being replaced by the digital medium but as we reach 2010 there is a resurgence of old black and white machines mainly in the hands of small companys or collectives which give it's future a welcome boost.

Mister Mixup, 2010

International Photobooth Conventions

2009 International Photobooth Convention
April 3rd/4th, 2009 - Center Portion, Chicago, USA

The 9th International Photobooth Convention 2007
New York, 25th Aug: Bubby's, Hudson St / 26th Deno's Wheel, Coney Island - Mixup, Herman Costa, Claire Connors, Alice Snell, Sam Howard.

8th - The 8th International Photobooth Convention, Belgrade 2006

7th - The 7th International Photobooth Convention
Madart Gallery, St. Louis, MO, USA. May 30th/31st 2005.

6th - The 6th Mixup International photoboothh convention, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia, September 27th, 2004.

Mixup, Sasa Markovic, Jaroskav Supek, Nenad Bogdanovic, many more.
Many thanks to Fotokvik Photobooth company for supporting this convention.

5th - 2003 Photobooth Convention - 15th November, American Trash, New York.
Mixup, Paul Yates, Herman Costa Claire Connors, Abby Stokes, William Van Roden and many more.
Many thanks to Photo-Me International for supporting this convention.

4th - 23rd & 24th July 2002, Bookham, Surrey and & 26th July 2002, Brighton, UK. - Mixup, Sasa Markovic, Lee Haywood, Marco Bellini, Lyndsay Todd, Neel Morley (23rd), Ruth Glaser (24th). Brighton - Mixup, Sasa, Marco, Neel and Lee
Many thanks to Photo-Me International for supporting this convention.

3rd - 10th & 11th July 2001, London, UK. - Mixup, Duch, Andreas Bartels, Lee Haywood, Ruth Glaser, Neel Morley, Mark Smith, Rachael Davies.
Many thanks to Photo-Me International for supporting this convention.

2nd - 19th & 20th Sept 2000, London, UK. - Mixup, Duch, Neel Morley, Andie Lawrence, Nora Manic, Marija Jancovic, Lee Haywood, Russell Gill, Gary Hitch, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Abigail Davies.
Many thanks to Photo-Me International for supporting this convention.

1st - 19th Feb1999, Nottingham, UK. - Mixup, Sasa Markovic, Abigail Davies, Dump, Sam Howard, Mick Scott, Neil Deakin, Russell Gill, Emma & Akiko, Karen & Fiona.
Many thanks to Photo-Me International for supporting this convention.